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Vone Industry Ltd. is pioneers in the industry of solar street lights supplier. We are based in China and have excellence in offering premium solar light for street that are in high demand in the global market. We have a prominent place in the international market as the top Solar Street light manufacturer, which offers competitive market rates with the best quality lights. Our company manufactured solar power street light that is reliable and lasts long with adequate performance. Vone is trusted in the market of solar lighting products and street LED lights and always successful in setting new benchmarks in the sector by infusing the latest technology.

Our Quality Solar Light for Streets

Vone is a global manufacturing company of solar light for street that uses the chief raw material to carry out the production of solar power street light. Our product line includes a vast range of high bay lights, linear lights, lawn lights, solar light for street and wall lights, stadium lights, and much more. We are the providers of high-tech solar power street lights that can best satisfy the requirements of modern times in terms of unique designs, shapes, and quality. For all our greatest attributes, we stand as the best Solar Street lights Supplier in the global market.

With the infusion of the latest technology in solar power, we are successful in making the most out of the street lights, and they are guaranteed with long and durable life. Our separate quality control and testing department aids us in meeting the international quality standards of solar lights for streets. We have an earnest belief first to satisfy our customers and make them our ambassadors. Our name as the top Solar Street Light Manufacturer is prominent in the international market.

How Solar Power Street Light Works?

As technology is innovating day by day, and things are changing as they are meant to be operated. Solar Street Light Manufacturing firms are improving their ways to offer the best from this technology and ease their lives. The process of these solar light for street includes:

  • A solar panel that consumes the sunlight and heat-ups the cells, known as the photovoltaic effect.
  • That panel is capable of converting heat energy into electric energy through the photovoltaic effect.
  • Through the connected wires, the produced electricity travels to the pole where it glows the street light.

Factory Tour

Our Products

Our High-Tech Manufacturing Plants

With all the latest technologies and modern tools and equipment, our manufacturing plants are the best in obtaining highly efficient solar power street light that meets the international standards of the various lighting products. We have an army of technically skilled and proficient staff, which aids us in offering the best of the best products to your locations throughout the world. Our service team is fully energized to cater to your customized needs and requirements. Vone Solar has always tried to step ahead among the industry of solar street lights suppliers.

Why Choose Us?

One must think hard before making any decision, and we want you to choose the best and suitable for you. You can check our records, test the samples, and compare the prices. On the bases of all the facts and figures, we are the proud Solar Street Light Manufacturer and supplier in the industry and want you to add on our satisfied customer’s list. We believe that our win is hidden in the gratification of our clients. And to gain that, we try every inch hard to drive satisfaction from you.

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