Solar Power Generation – Its Significance, Method and Process

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Solar Power generation is one of the rampant and most promising renewable energy sources of power generation globally. In these current times, electrical energy becomes one of the basic requirements in our regular life, which makes increasing demand for it. As a key source of electrical power generation, fossil fuels are diminishing day by day, and also, its convention raises serious climatic concerns. These reasons force the technology for the production of new energy sources that are renewable and environmentally safe. Renewable energy sources comprise of wind, water, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy sources. Out of all these, solar energy has the highest potential in the long term and is foreseen to play an enormous role in the future. It is the most economical method of generating electricity as well in contrast to other energy sources.

The Need of Solar Power

Solar power is the process of conversion of solar radiation into electrical power through the use of solar photovoltaic cells. This change takes place in the solar cell by the photovoltaic assistance effect. Many experts suggest that the amount of solar energy making towards the earth is more than 10000 times the current energy consumption by humans.

Moreover, the power produced by solar is enough for one year for the whole planet. This is only if we could change the 100 percent of the solar energy into electricity in an hour.

Methods of Conversion

There are two methods of changing sunlight into electricity. In the first method, solar energy is employed simply as a source of heat. This heat is further utilized to make the steam, which drives the steam turbine. This method of power generation is known as the Solar thermal power generation.

The second method is the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity using PV (or solar) cells. The PV cell is created with the silicon semiconductor material.

Significance of Solar Power

Many factors suggest the importance of the Solar Power Generation.

  1. Solar energy is provided to us by nature. It is accessible freely and conveniently and requires no major supplies.
  2. The generation plat for solar energy could be installed within months.
  3. There are no harms related to air or water pollution as it is clean energy. Also, as there are no moving components, so no noise pollution as well.
  4. There are no toxic emissions released in the atmosphere through its generation.
  5. It is more economical and energy-efficient.

Process of Solar Power Generation

Solar radiant heat is easily taken by simple glass greenhouses and through housing windows. “Concentrated” solar energy employs huge arrays of mirrors to focus sunlight on a central tower, which heats water to produce steam that can be employed to generate electricity.

Photovoltaic (PV) cells change sunlight directly to electricity via the photoelectric effect. NASA defines how the silicon semiconductors in the cells capture energy from sunlight’s photons, which extricate electrons in the semiconductor, creating a current. Groups of cells form components, and modules combine into larger arrays. These can be configured to produce Solar Street light by a combination of voltage and current.

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