LED HIGH BAY LIGHT – Cabriel 100W with SOSEN driver

Product name Luminous Flux ( lm ) Light Source Driver Beam Angle
CABRIEL 100W 13000lm LUXEON 3030 SOSEN 60 / 90 / 120 degrees
1. Cabriel High Bay LED Fixture is designed for industrial work sites and elevated lighting requirements.
2. The 100-watt fixture emits 13,000 lumens of white light during use.
3. Made out of aluminum , the unit caters to Hook mounting configurations.
4. Color temperature options include: 3,000K /  4,000K / 5,000K / 5,700K and more.
5. Consisting of 140 LED chips
6. Cabriel high bay light fixture provides operators with a powerful and energy efficient alternative to traditional general area luminaires. The compact design makes this lamp an excellent upgrade option for bulky and high maintenance cost older fixtures.
6. Our craftsmen can custom build any lighting system and/or accessories to fit the unique demands of your operation.


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